I am a professionally qualified,
Solution Focused Clinlical Hypnotherapist/ Psychotherapist (DSFH)
based in the beautiful hamlet of Tuckingmill.
This is located on the Wiltshire /Dorset border, a 10 minute walk from Tisbury Station, which has hourly trains from Salisbury, London and Gillingham Dorset.
 I trained with the prestigious Clifton Practice.

I am dedicated to your care, comfort and well being and will help you to conquer your difficulties, and enable you to acheive your personal goals.
Hypnotherapy is used to treat men and women,
boys and girls, and in fact anyone,
from any walk of life can need a little help from time to time, because life can be stressful and we are put under alot of pressure.  

Many adults and children are weighed down by anxiety, low self esteem, sleepless nights or worries about work or school
(Please refer to the 'How it can help' page for other conditions that can be helped by Hypnotherapy)

I myself suffered for many years with no confidence, no self esteem, which of course has a knock on effect and meant that I chose partners that didn't necessarily treat me with respect, ( I didn't beleive I was worthy of it). I constantly worried about whether people liked me, I was a typical 'people pleaser'.
I had no confidence in the job market,  and hibernated at home with my children in a safe 'bubble'.
I couldn't go to parties or go to a dinner party, because I didn't think anyone would find me interesting. 
My friend recommended a Hypnotherapist, and that completely changed my life, so easily. 

   Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does not need to delve into your past, but instead concentrates on how we can move you forward, to get your confidence back and give you the resources to cope with everything life throws at you.

Solution Focused hypnotherapy is a totally relaxed state of mind, and when experiencing hypnosis you will feel happy , calm and deeply relaxed.
It is a little bit like the feeling you have when you are just about to drift off to sleep.
My clients often tell me that they were so happy and relaxed, they didn't want the sessions to end.

Please note that nobody can make you do something against your will, you are totally in control throughout the session.

Hypnosis is a natural state of focused attention.
Some people compare it to daydreaming in the car , when you can't remember any of the journey, but of course you were still in control of the car, and had you needed to stop for an emergency, you would have stopped instantly.